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The spread of extensions used in China

Today: Future emerging platform trends vs. Websites / Email Deliverability Advice / Latest domain sales: Unifon.com sells for $24,888 / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news. TilapiaSkin.com – What kind of value...
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ReCaptcha killing the domain industry

Today: Domain name riddles / Which one is better..BeansAndBuds(ca) 0r BeanzAndBudz(ca) / .Tours Showcase / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain news. YES.rocks – Does the .rocks extension have much value yet?...
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Cars.com confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history

Cars.com has been confirmed to have been the largest domain sale in history, with a staggering $872,320,000 dollar valuation. Domain investor, George Kirikos, provided this number two years ago, and is once again quoting the numbers from the latest Cars.com financial statement: In connection with our acquisition by Parent, we have an intangible asset with […]

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