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FUP.com sold for $20,455

Today: Tyc999.com sold for $6,701 / Discuss and Share Token Domains / Where to sell .uk domain easily / and More… Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Interview with the DNA (Domain Name Association) – How much do you actually know about Domain Name Association (DNA)? Take […]

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Domain Names and Real Estate

I was driving past a local business recently when I noticed a sign with the .realtor tld. I hadn’t seen one in use previously, so it caught my attention. I decided to dig a little deeper and reached out to the folks at get.realtor to ask some questions...
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Security Expert, Premium Domain and Dot Me Owner

Robert Siciliano, CSP, is CEO of Safr.Me is known for his fun engaging tone and approachable personality—but he is serious about teaching fraud prevention and personal security. He is a security expert and private investigator fiercely committed to inf...
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