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Epik decided not to host 8chan

Epik issued a press release today explaining the timeline of events regarding 8Chan and how Epik decided not to host the 8Chan website on its BitMitigate service. 8Chan’s main website is 8ch.net that is not currently resolving after CloudFlare te...
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.UK domain name complaints drop

Nominet released the 2018 annual summary of domain name disputes brought before its Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The total number of domain names that were subject to DRS Complaints in 2018 was 763, which represents just 0.0063% of the domain name...
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ICA asks ICANN for explanation of .org decision

ICA, the Internet Commerce Association, sent a letter today asking ICANN for an explanation of the .org decision. ICA says that ICANN’s decision to execute the new .org Registry Agreement despite overwhelming public opposition is greatly concerning to ...
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