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Radix premium renewals approach $1 million

New gTLD registry Radix made almost a million bucks in the first half of the year from renewal fees on its premium domains. That’s one data point that jumps out from Radix’s latest premium sales report, released last night. The company said...
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Whales, Builders, and Flippers

What is the best time to invest in new gTLD domains? This is, of course, the million-dollar question. Different investors approach this very differently. As per my observation, there are basically 3 main groups of new gTLD domain investors: I will call the first group “Whales” (early investors, usually with a lot of money, usually […]

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Fight over closed generics ends in stalemate

Closed generic gTLDs could be a thing in the next application round. Or they might not. Even after four years, ICANN’s greatest policy-making minds can’t agree. The New gTLDs Subsequent Procedures working group (SubPro) delivered its draft ...
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