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Millions spent as three more new gTLDs auctioned

Two or three new gTLDs have been sold in a private auction that may well have seen over $20 million spent. The strings .inc, .llc and (I think) .llp hit the block at some point this month. They are the first new gTLDs to be auctioned since Verisign paid $135 million for .web a little […]
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MMX revenue slips despite domain growth

MMX today posted a smaller loss for the first half of the year, despite managing to grow domains under management and hit some important financial milestones. The new gTLD registry formerly known as Mind + Machines, which announced a few months ago that it’s looking to be acquired, reported an H1 loss of $526,000 compared […]
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.xyz back on sale in China

Chinese registrars have started to carry .xyz domains again, about five months after a Chinese government ban. West.cn and Net.cn are two of the China-based companies that appear to be selling .xyz names at the yuan equivalent of a US dollar, based on a spot check this morning. West.cn flagged the “restoration” of service on […]
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WordPress recommends you get a .COM domain name

WordPress and Automattic, the parent company of WordPress and the new .blog extension, are recommending that you should get a .com domain name if both the .com and .blog domains are available. Automattic has setup a registrar at https://wordpress.com/domain/. The registrar seems to be a Tucows reseller and at first glance seems a bit on …

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L’Oreal is using “closed generic” .makeup in an interesting way

What do you call a registry that defensively registers names on behalf of the very people that would be its most likely customers if the TLD weren’t so hideously overpriced? L’Oreal, apparently. About half of its .makeup new gTLD comprises the names or nicknames of social media “influencers” in the make-up scene, and they all […]
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XYZ slashes $10 million a year from premium stash

XYZ.com has slashed the asking price of a few thousand “premium” .xyz domain names, in some cases by many thousands of dollars. Overall, it looks like the company has dropped prices by a total of $10.8 million. At the top end of its reserved list, several single and double-character domains previously priced a $55,000 per […]
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.CLUB nears profitability, talks renewals and “trial” domains

.CLUB Domains is nearing profitability and poised to become a “growth engine”, despite the view that most of its current domains are not expected to renew, according to its CEO. Colin Campbell told DI today that the company made $6.7 million in revenue last year, and is “very close” to breaking even. The company reached […]
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.vip, .shop and .ltd domain name extensions get Beijing approval

.vip, .shop and .ltd are the first 3 domain name extensions to receive approval by the Beijing Communications Administration. .VIP is an MMX extenstion, .Shop is managed by GMO Registry, Inc. and .ltd is owned by Donuts. In December 2016, .vip was among the first three foreign registries to receive central government MIIT approval (with …

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No $17 million rebate for struggling new gTLDs

ICANN has turned down a request for about $17 million to be refunded to under-performing new gTLD registries. The organization cannot spare the cash from its $96 million new gTLD program war chest because it does not yet know how much it will need to spend in future, Global Domains Division president Akram Atallah told […]
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