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Negari To The Slammer Barrons 160 Apple Price Target

Google porn ban- Guess they prefer to leave all that opportunity to Tumblr and Yahoo!; First new gTLD that I have seen in billboard advertising; Single mom wins $127 million in Powerball jackpot; LinkedIn settles password hack claim: Business networking site LinkedIn has paid $1.25m (£810,000);Here’s what #Microsoft...
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What Domain Stands Out From All The Oscar Ads Last Night

Well maybe Oscar.com not to be confused with the screen title "Oscars" but it was all about the hashtag. The one standing out #AskHerMore. Clever ideas to engage the audience onto a multi screen experience. And all about leading traffic to Twitter and from Twitter direct navigated LINK to final...
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Drones Robots Inkless 3-D Printing and The Eyeball Economy

Amazing the fast transition I am seeing just with the stories I cover- keywords that didn’t exist just two years ago! Brands: Don’t Get Lost on Amazon; Create a Store-Within-A-Store; Inkless printing and smartframes bring living room walls online; Drone hobbyists can now volunteer to assist humanitarian crises; Smart...
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