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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Domain Shane Domain Shane: I’m back. Super sore but I did it. I officially broke 3 hrs in the marathon. Ran a nice 6:46 pace for 26 miles and ran 2:58:36. I ran under 3 last year on the same course but wasn’t official race so it didn’t go in the record books. Now it does.
All this reminded me of something a coach in Kenya told me. He said. “you will never be as good as you could be because you have too many things to do. Americans always say they are doing the best they can and what they really mean, they are giving all they are willing to give at that time”. At first I took this as a negative but then realized he was right. We have work, kids, friends, hobbies, etc. Kenyan runners have running. It is what they have to do well to eat. Its ALL they do. It is the center of everything. The world wonders why the greatest runners come from Iten Kenya. They research the food. Do tests on their body. What they don’t realize is they live at 7000 feet and put every ounce of their being into running. You can’t compete with hungry.
So when I set out to break 3 hrs I thought. Can I give enough to training to break 3? At first I didn’t think I could make the time, lose the weight, create the base and add the speed. It takes over a year to build the base and then some to add the speed. It takes 12-15 hrs a week. At 52 and with several businesses, I didn’t see how it would be possible. But then the vaporfly shoes came out and immediately took off 3 minutes to my marathon time. Now I was only 4 minutes off off breaking 3 hours (I had run 3:07) and realized I could get that. Seven minutes no. 4 yes. If I could get a coach to make me responsible for my training and provide feedback I could do it. I believe if I was retired and only ran for a living I could get down to 2:54 2:53 but I’m not and 5 minutes to give up my paychecks isn’t worth it. I know I am not be as good as I could possibly be. Only as good as the time I give to it. I’m not giving it my all. I’m giving it what I am willing to give. Which is a lot and is good enough for me

Domain of the Day:
Quote of the Day: ”We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill
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Park.io Names at Auction
Recycled.io So many uses here but essentially reusing anything
Succa.com Nice little 5L for under $200
Bowl.io What’s your final price on this one? I say $3500
Clickbait.io Can’t say they didn’t tell you before you clicked
Diva.gg I’m sure some some Diva will want this one
Namejet, Sedo, and Catched.com Names at Auction
Vacunacion.mx Vaccination in Spanish. Can’t get more timely than this one
360.auction Nice to see some of the other tlds getting some love
Kuzlo.com No bids at $79. No reserve
Recognize.io No bids at $226. Taken in 91 different extensions
CMDesigns.com 1994 birthday. Taken in 22 extensions. Design and pretty much any art names are good right now
BeatBoy.com You said “Gimme the beat boy to free my soul” Here it is
WebShares.com Fractional domain names….or anything
6552.com Might get to the reserve. No fours or zeros
OTDT.com I think this hits reserve since its under $1K
Primo.io Met reserve but it’s going to take a few K at least to take this home
Godaddy Domains With Bids
Poken.com Most bids on the board today. Poken the fire
ModernChina.com Taken in 19 extensions. Modern China is still Communist
AlphaReport.com This is a fantastic name. Hot word right now. The knowledge
TheOnyx.com Black is beautiful
ClaimYourPrize.com Although nobody will believe its a real site
TrueChristian.com Amen
DogBits.com Food or info
BloggingAcademy.com Learn to make money blogging. Would have crushed it in 2007
Rebux.com Taken in 12 extensions. 16 years old
BakeStudio.com Cakes or canna
Maipo.com A mountain/volcano in Chile
InnovativeStrategies.com Even if you don’t have any innovative strategies the name makes it look like you do
Workbench.org Great name for a tool site
TheEndOfTheInternet.com I feel like I’ve reached there a few times
Tecsy.com Over under on this one is $800
YourHive.com I’m going to buy this one

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids
The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids
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