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Thanksgiving Fun – Help me choose an NFL Team (Poll)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers that are celebrating today, Over 50% of traffic to RobbiesBlog.com comes from the USA!

Last year I wrote about being thankful to our hosting partners Create.com and one year on, I can tell you that I still am very grateful for their amazing support and services hosting RobbiesBlog.com.

I know as well as having a great day with your family and loved ones today you will most likely be watching the NFL.

Being Scottish and our national game being “Football” or as you would refer to it “Soccer” I have never had an NFL Team, every year I say I need to follow one… So here is your chance… Pick what NFL Team I should follow… Then I need to learn the rules and order a shirt!

Choose a team from the list of 32 NFL clubs and if you can leave a comment and let me know why!

Everyone is there you might just need to Scroll!

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