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Jovenet Consulting in French

Jean Guillon: For the second time, I spent the necessary hours to translate the second version of the Jovenet Consulting website...into French. This is now done and I will be adding a few more things soon. The post Jovenet Consulting in French appeare...
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New gTLDs: a good read

Jean Guillon: New TLD Launch: Lessons Learned Far Too Much New GTLDs at Once High Complexity on the Introduction of New gTLDs Technical and Operational Challenges Due to Non-Scalability Marketing and Awareness – the Assumptions Were Wrong Unpleasant P...
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Unsure if this .BRAND has noticed

Jean Guillon: It is a fact: owners of new gTLDs do not all use their personalized domain name extension because they don't know what to do with it. They pay for it because they can. It is also a fact that some...don't know what they bought. I went to ...
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The future of Round 2 ?

Jean Guillon: Extracted from the slide of a working group at ICANN This is what the next kind of new gTLD applications could look like instead of  "generic", "community" and "geographic" from the first round of the ICANN new gT...
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Des .MARQUES à la télévision?

Jean Guillon: Le parcours d’une entreprise ou d’une marque pour s’identifier sur Internet et souvent le même: un site Internet auquel une personnalisation viendra s’ajouter, celle du nom de domaine en “.com”. Pourtant, certaines marques en ont décid?...
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Ten Fold Engineering

Jean Guillon Jean Guillon: Checking LinkedIn when I start my day is often something that I do first. I also do that exercise to double-check if one company which name has an ending in one of the new domain name extensions registered that new domain name.

Ten Fold Engineering belongs to these companies and has at least two domains:

Its ".com";
And its ".engineering".

Try this now:

Hit on the ".com" above and get

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The right approach for .BRANDs

Jean Guillon Jean Guillon: Unless I am wrong, I think that these .BRAND domain names were redirections to long URLs.
Not anymore:


That could look like an approach for trademarks to start using their .BRAND new gTLD:

Use new domain names as redirections to old long URLs;
Host final contents differently;
Use new ".brand"

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