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10 Ways to Make Your Business More Sellable Now

There are many reasons why you might want to sell an online business. You might have lost passion for your niche, you might be tired of the day-to-day graft, or perhaps you have your eye on bigger and better things. But before you can make your exit— y...
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SaaS and Content Business with 5x growth

  We acquired the business back in June 2019 for under $45K. The business included two websites, with organic search traffic and a SaaS product. The business was relatively new and the SaaS part was not programmed well, so there were many bugs and...
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Seven Reasons For Selling Your Business

Picture this. John has spent time and money building up his online business. He has worked on the marketing, he has built up traffic, the site is generating revenue. Life is good. So why on earth would he sell it? Actually, there are a number of reason...
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