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Facebook, China, and Domains

He married a Chinese woman. He learned Chinese. And he connects with young Chinese. Mark Zuckerberg has made a lot of efforts to win friendship in China, including giving a talk completely in Mandarin at a top-notch Chinese university. Yet, Facebook is not in the Middle Kingdom. Well, it actually was in China – only […]
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10 common domain name mistakes made by startups in China

I enjoy reading Chinese domain news. While doing so, I have found many mistakes in how domain names are selected by startups in China. Since August 2016, I have been writing domain case studies to explore this area. Recently I went through the 200+ cases I have covered and picked up 10 cases to share […]
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KG.com : Heavyweight LL .com domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another LL .com domain has been sold: KG.com moved to Chinese ownership two days ago. According to Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, KG.com was sold by domain investor, Jay Westerdal, and Domain Holdings was brokering it. Kirikos monitors the percentage of two letter .com domains, a premium genre, that’s in the hands of […]

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Do you need to own Chinese domain names?

A large number of Chinese domain extensions have been released in the last few years, and you may have already come across some of them by chance. You may even wonder if you should acquire some Chinese domain names for your business. Today let’s look at this issue. First of all, what is a Chinese […]
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