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Sedo deal: Official Fume upgraded to Fume.com

The domain Fume.com was recently sold on Sedo for the sum of $160,000 dollars. Fume.com is a rare, four letter .com domain and its sales price reflects that. Who is the buyer of Fume.com? Just as we predicted at the time, the buyer is vaping company Fu...
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Names.com under new ownership!

A category defining domain name such as Names.com needs no introduction. Registered in 1995, Names.com was used as an online retailer of family crests. On or around March 31, 2021, the domain changed DNS. Eventually, Todd Reum of Category Defining Doma...
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#Domain memes: Rebranding during a Zoom call?

Domain memes are our open-ended, recurring series of fun incidents related to the domain industry and technology. Identifying such funny or more serious incidents, domain memes offer a quick laugh – or an intense scratch of the top of your head. Whatev...
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