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Outbound email to end user that turned into a potential brokerage opportunity

Today: How to buy profitable domain names / 2 Years as a domain investor and no sales / Artifical Intelligence (AI Domains) 2018 Predictions / And more! Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. Buying Italy GEO .Com’s – If you invest in Italian related domain assets, you’ll want to check your portfolio for […]

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Should ICANN Permanently Rescue Failed New gTLDs?

Yesterday, I’ve put three options on the table so as to try a bit of a collective brainstorming experiment. Today, I’d like to analyze the first option in more detail, which is having ICANN bail out the failed extensions. There already is a mechanism in place for scenarios which involve failed extensions but it’s not an [...]
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Can (and Should) Failed New gTLDs Be Saved?

After three or so years, it’s blatantly obvious that for a lot of extensions, there just isn’t enough demand. Realistically speaking, registries made a mistake by being too lenient when it comes to choosing terms. Why on earth would someone think there would be adequate demand for a .horse extension? Or for a .blackfriday extension? Or [...]
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We’re All Brilliant Traders in a Strong Uptrend

I’ve written a post on TheDomains about Dominic, a short domain investor who shared his story on NamePros and first of all, I think he deserves our respect for having the courage it takes to share his numbers in an upfront manner. In an industry where many adopt a “mine is bigger than yours” (domain sales, [...]
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Does a Trigger-Happy Industry Deserve Good Leaders?

Over the years, I’ve seen beginners get scammed time and time again. By people who sell them dreams, by registries which release fake sales (even before the new gTLD craze!), by those who sell picks&shovels despite knowing there’s no gold out there and so on. My first instinct has always been feeling sorry for them [...]
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The Comfort of Reliability and Lack Thereof

I have to admit there are days during which I envy those who have the comfort of 9 to 5 jobs. Even if it’s a fake sense of comfort and the idea of job safety is somewhat of a joke, it must be relieving not to feel any kind of “I wonder how much money [...]
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