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Spoofing Banks is a Balancing Act

Join Senior Security Advisor, Corin Imai, for a an investigation into known bad domains. In this blog, learn how to map connected infrastructure to expand from one indicator, to many in a matter of pivots. This investigation includes a variety of dat
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Hunting for RATs

DomainTools and Askari Blue have teamed up to provide a playbook that encapsulates the workshop lesson ‘Hunting for RATs’ and guides the reader through a series of toolsets and analytical processing.
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DomainTools 101: Hunting Grizzlies with DomainTools Iris

When we hunt, we’re usually starting with some kind of indicator that something bad has happened. These are often referred to as IOCs or Indicators of Compromise. When we get a good report like this one from Homeland Security, we can use it to help us find out more about a threat actor and their […]
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