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EURid sells 1,369 Cyrillic names in five years

EURid, the .eu registry, says the Cyrillic version of its TLD has amassed just 1,369 domain registrations in its first five years of operations. The internationalized domain name .ею is predominantly used in Bulgaria, the only EU nation where Cyrillic ...
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Brexit specter creeping up on .eu

The .eu ccTLD shrank a bit in the first quarter as a result of Brexit finally kicking in fully. Registry EURid reported that there were 3,681,337 registered .eu, .ею and .ευ domains at the end of March, down from 3,684,984 at the end of 2020, a dip of ...
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Dot .EU turned 15 years old

The European Union TLD, dot .EU, turned 15 years old today. In the one and a half decades since, the domain registrations of .EU domains have reached more than 3.68 million. EURid, the dot .EU Registry, celebrates the TLD’s 15th anniversary and h...
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