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“It’s not our fault!” — ICANN blames community for widespread delays

ICANN may be years behind schedule when it comes to getting things done on multiple fronts, but it’s the community’s fault for making up rubbish policies, bickering endlessly, and attempting to hack the policy-making process. That’s me paraphrasing a letter sent last week by chair Maarten Botterman to the Registries Stakeholder Group, in which he […]

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ICANN teases prices for private Whois lookups

ICANN has started to put some flesh on the bones of the forthcoming (?) SSAD system for accessing private Whois records, including teasing some baseline pricing. During a session at ICANN 72 last week, staffers said responses to recent requests for inf...
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ICANN 72 has lowest turnout since records began

Last week’s public ICANN meeting saw the fewest attendees since the Org started compiling and publishing statistics over five years ago. According to a new blog post from meetings veep Nick Tomasso, there were 1,305 attendees at ICANN 72, which w...
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“Diversity” warning over ICANN Seattle

ICANN has been told that it risks disenfranchising community members from outside the US if it goes ahead with a return to in-person meetings at ICANN 72 in Seattle this October. APAC Space, a group comprising participants from the Asia-Pacific region,...
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American Gen Z not interested in ICANN?

ICANN seems to be having trouble recruiting American youngsters into its cult community. The org today said that it’s extended the deadline for its NextGen program, which is trying to attract and throw money at a dozen under-30s from North Americ...
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