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Missteps Of A Rebrand: CSG Companies to Forte Benefits

dotWeekly dotWeekly: CSG Companies is rebranding but IMO they did a very poor job of it if they wish to do business “online” and present a clear branding message for the company and it’s new brand. The new business name is Forte Benefits and the tagline “Forward Thinking Benefits”.

Everything looks pretty good so far!
Now, Forte is a great brand name with a powerful meaning (a thing at which something excels) but in branding, it’s important to be constant with who … Read the rest
Missteps Of A Rebrand: CSG Companies to Forte BenefitsJamie Zoch

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Domain Shane Domain Shane: A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on April 24, 2017. 
If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.
Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration
Sedo Great Domains Auction
EGSN.com    Met reserve at $265.  Worth a bit more than that IMO
Food.House    Kudus to Sedo for putting the renewal price on the auction.  No reserve
At $0 with 3 days left

Top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio.
nbo.com $30,000
avazu.com $20,100
slsc.com $3,900
audiostore.com $2,966
sab.net $2,650
tenv.com $2,598
gwx.net $2,210
78006.com $1,911
www10.org $1,875
57319.com $1,630

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The post AUCTION RECAP OF APRIL 24, 2017 appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.

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SEO Secrets of Keyword-Relevant Domain Extensions

CircleID CircleID: The Domain Name Association (DNA) recently commissioned Web Traffic Advisors, with supporting analysis from Kevin Rowe of Rowe Digital, to do an independent study, Hidden Advantages of Relevant Domain Names, to answer the following question:

Can domain name extensions, especially meaningful or relevant domain name extensions (e.g. .Club, .Online, .Rocks, .Today), have the same opportunity as traditional or more generic ones (e.g. traditional .Biz, .Com, .Info, .Org)?

The answer is yes! Companies that want to compete for visibility in search engines — either organically or through paid search — are discovering that they can do so with keyword-rich domain name extensions. By utilizing relevant, domain name extension that map more directly (on both the left and the right side of the dot) to frequently searched descriptive terms can fast-track search rankings. To view the full infographic and report summary, visit here.

The top takeaway is that keyword-relevant domain name extensions stand on equal ground when it comes to organic search performance. Plus, relevant domain name extensions required less inbound links to rank in the top page search spots than their traditional and more generic .Com and related counterparts based on the case studies and keywords examined.

This finding is a pretty big reveal from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective because there have been years of speculation and even research around the idea that having the keyword in the URL itself is helpful. While there has always been a lot of evidence that points to that conclusion, it has been a bit of a leap to confirm that a keyword-relevant domain name extension would also be of value in search rankings.

Many marketers have favored sticking with a traditional domain with a keyword to the left of the dot such as healthinsurance.com, over a domain name extension like health.insurance with keywords on both sides of the dot. However, the study confirms that keyword-relevant domain name extensions are doing very well without having to create the same amount of inbound links generated by keyword-rich web pages, content and social media.

So, how is it possible that relevant new domain name extensions can rank so well for high-volume keyword searches and also have visibility for related modified terms? Here's why:

Good rankings can be achieved by domains with relevant extensions with lower "Domain Authority," which is a scoring system developed by several technology firms serving the industry that is used to measure the relative number and quality of links pointed to a website's domain name from pages on other websites. Relevant domain extensions in the study had a low Domain Authority, an average of 4, yet they ranked with near equal results to more established domains with much higher Domain Authority. As a result, unique, relevant domain name extensions rank frequently on top pages of the search results alongside .Coms, which have a Domain Authority average of 33, according to Rowe Digital Research.

This means that relevant domain names have the opportunity to rank well in categories with less overall Domain Authority and inbound links than traditional extensions vying for those top page spots.

Collectively, the research examined four case studies that form a sample set spanning across different industries, including business-to-business, retail, sports and entertainment. Each competes for very high-volume keywords being targeted by marketers and bid on by search professionals for paid search.

For example, Seo.Agency, one of the four case studies (see figure below) is unique because the domain name extension itself is made up of very competitive keywords. According to the research, Seo.Agency has been able to establish a strong relevance for that term and maintain their rankings on the top three search pages with just 30 qualified keywords, attracting eyeballs for the 2,000 searches that happen each month. The rankings achieved for search term phrase "SEO agency" put it on exactly the same playing field as the "pay-to-play" top 10 sites and the other agencies typically ranking in the top five for this specific keyword search or ones very closely relevant, such as "SEO agency New York," for example.

While all of the SEO agency-related websites across different top-level domains compete very well for terms related to SEO agencies and companies (see figure below), they gain their rankings through different strengths.

Seo.Agency has 26 inbound links and gains its ranking strength from its keyword-relevant domain name. Other "SEO agency" related domain name extensions, like Clutch.co and Topseos.com, generate more inbound links (10,188 and 31,106 respectively) from content, web pages, and social media to rank within the same top page search spots.

According to the study, Seo.Agency is saving approximately $3,000 U.S. per month in cost-per-click advertising (the keyword phrase "SEO agency" costs around $25 U.S. per click through "Pay-Per-Click" in Google AdWords).

Another example, Diamonds.Pro, can compete with websites that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for paid search positioning within search engines.

The study found that the keywords Diamonds.Pro ranks for would cost $236,000 U.S. per month based on the estimated 114,000 organic clicks achieved if the brand were purchasing the clicks using Google AdWords.

However, by providing useful content for people engaged in the diamond-buying process, Diamonds.Pro also ranks well for many additional diamond-related search terms. The domain has garnered nearly 1,000 external links from other websites, which means "two-for-one" value from an SEO perspective, gaining both relevance and authority, or "trust."


Today, there are more than 1,000 options for domain name extensions. This creates the opportunity to add meaning and relevance on both sides of the dot, which can lead to getting rankings cost-effectively and organically. So if you've spent thousands of dollars on an ad campaign and wanted to add a unique domain name to drive eyeballs directly to your URL, a relevant domain name extension could be just the thing to add to your digital marketing strategy.
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Job Motivation

Domain Flipper Domain Flipper: Everyone knows that is not always the motivation of staff, based on the growth of salaries or bonuses, leads to a positive effect, of course, to good quickly get used to. In some situations it is possible to resort to additional and methods of non-motivation of employees - for example, motivation office. This method is used for various purposes. Sometimes this job title embellishment to cover up the prestige of the work - not technicals, but the clerk or officer of cleaning. Of course, such an approach to motivation is particularly suitable for initial positions and is used mainly in relation to people with the type of career motivation and desire to status. It's believed that Sinovation Ventures sees a great future in this idea. Often you can find the name of the 'assistant manager' for the employee performing the functions of conventional Secretary, or counselor - to the office manager. " By the way, in Russia in the early nineties, the word 'manager' was consciously interpreted by a completely wrong and it is for the status of motivation. After all, the definition of manager includes the manager, which has several subordinate officers. In the west, under the name of the position of 'Manager marketing 'may be hiding a very respectable figure of the company. We have the word 'manager' is often quite a different meaning: 'sales managers', 'office managers', 'purchasing managers' and so on, although...

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Domain Movers: NeuroLink.com, Nail.com + More

dotWeekly dotWeekly: Welcome to Domain Movers, an exciting series on DotWeekly where we track corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. These are often indications of new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.
Here are the latest movers:
Novartis AG has listed something you do not want, but may want… GenitalHerpes.com for sale through its brand protection service MarkMonitor.
SafeNames LTD, a corporate domain name service provider went on a shopping spree and acquired 3 domain … Read the rest
Domain Movers: NeuroLink.com, Nail.com + MoreJamie Zoch

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Afnic CEO quits, heads to new mystery job

DomainIncite DomainIncite: Afnic CEO Mathieu Weill has abruptly quit the French domain registry and is heading to a new job elsewhere. The .fr registry said Weill will be replaced on an interim basis by his deputy, Pierre Bonis, from May 1. A formal search for a permanent replacement will begin “in the coming weeks”, Afnic said. Weill […]

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TLDH wants to unmask mystery gTLD commenter
Afnic working with 16 gTLD applicants in France

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Walden Savings Bank to Switch from .com to a .bank TLD

CircleID CircleID: Walden Savings Bank will be the fifth bank in New York state to switch its domain name from a .com top-level domain (TLD) to the new .bank TLD in May of this year. Daniel Axelrod reporting in Times Herald-Record: "The change makes Walden an early adopter of a cyber-banking security measure that's gradually taking root mostly among community banks or those with less than $10 billion in assets and a local lending focus. ... Part of the delay for the domain’s implementation is a function of the cost and effort for banks to change computer systems, email addresses, business cards and marketing materials. Still, the .bank change is cheaper and easier than the alternate route some of America’s big banks are taking ... Large firms, like Citibank and Chase, are opting for self-named domains, such as .citi and .chase, which are great branding tools, but they require significant back-end effort to register."
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