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Sophomore Jinx ?

Dominic Belley who I interviewed last year around this same time, detailed his second year in the business with a post on Namepros. Dominic points out that year 2 was not as good as his rookie season. By detailing his second year he does newcomers a great service in my opinion. Here is his post: […]

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Daily Domain Picks 3-27-17

Daily Domain Picks 3-27-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 3-27-17 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com A wide variety today, 3L names in net, org and biz. Some interesting 4L.com like iCom.com which is a public auction that still has not met reserve at $22,000. AirDryer.com aged product name that should go much higher from here. Currently at […]
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NamePros combats shill bids : URUN but you cannot hide

The domain community of NamePros identified and terminated a shill bid situation in its making, ending it with a the closing of the associated accounts. A thread seeking offers for the domain URUN.com for sale escalated quickly, sending offers into the thousands of dollars. One small problem: one of the bidders was a shill, pumping […]

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Daily Domain Picks 3-26-17

Daily Domain Picks 3-26-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 3-26-17 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com AppMobile.com the reverse would be better but this one is still decent and currently over $1,000. Full List 03399.com 33289.com AdventureArena.com AirlineExperts.com aMoon.com AppMobile.com AULZ.com AUXZ.com CaptainDynamic.com ChinaWorkforce.com ClueConsulting.com CricketExplained.com DailyLand.com DesignFlavors.com Drondo.com EatAndEat.com Effena.com EssentialDog.com EverydayTactical.com Firola.com FootballExplained.com Gafore.com Gohoom.com GorillaKingdom.com […]
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Domain Portfolio Advice

Today: Visibility checklist for selling domains / Why pronounceable 5l.com’s are selling so cheap / Tape.tv sold for $3,155! / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain news. Combiair.com – comboflight.com – combiflights –...
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Available Names – Bill Eisenmann has been posting a lot of gems

Bill Eisenmann of NameClerk.com and AvailableDomainNames.com has been really pumping out the names on Namepros over the last couple months. Bill has plenty of members waiting in anticipation for when he posts a new list of available names. He told me he might have to scale back the quantity of posts, but will still post […]
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Daily Domain Picks 3-25-17

Daily Domain Picks 3-25-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 3-25-17 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com Fotto.com 18 year old domain that’s currently at $550. One of the more popular 5L naming conventions. 56 bids so far. Looks to have an Italian meaning as well. Worrk.com currently at $197, now I get the workk add the repeating last […]
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The importance of the domain extension

Today: Quick $30 logo contest / Multi-purpose domains and email addresses / Buying semi-pronounceable 4L coms LLLL 300 – 600 each / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news. PROMISED.me – What do you...
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