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Saw.com automated appraisals might aid with domain sales

There’s a new domain appraisal tool in town. There are a lot of complaints about automated domain appraisal systems. It’s difficult to value domain names even when multiple humans weigh-in, and it’s even harder when you only rely on a machine. But domain brokerage Saw.com is giving it a shot anyway. It launched an appraisal […]

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Auntie Buzz SAW it coming!

Auntie Buzz is the apparent new mascot of SAW, the domain brokerage powerhouse formed a year (and a half) ago. We know about SAW but who the heck is Auntie Buzz, you might ask. In a post about social media handles, SAW.com is using a stock image of a r...
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One year later: Nobody SAW it coming!

Nobody SAW it coming, but they have already been in business for a full year. Domain industry veterans, Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz co-founded domain brokerage powerhouse, SAW.com a year ago. How time flies! 😀 In the full year since, Brooke Hernandez...
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Jeffrey Gabriel Co-Founder of Saw.com Forbes Article

No matter how long you have been in the domain name industry, the name you would have heard multiple times is Jeffrey Gabriel Co-Founder of Saw.com a domain name sales and acquisition organisation launched in 2019 with fellow domain name broker and Co-Founder Amanda Waltz. Jeffrey has completed over $350,000,000 in domain name transactions over […]

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