Ecommerce Marketing Roadmap

By: Raymond Hackney This is a cool little guide that you can bookmark and refer back to as an easy reference. The roadmap should be helpful for those new to starting an ecommerce site and checking off each step. Of course you need to do a lot more research but this is a handy checklist [More]
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Confusion,Hypocrisy and Opportunity

By: Raymond Hackney The new gtlds are a complex animal, there is opportunity, hypocrisy and a lot of noise to wade through to find the real info and the real gems. I liked Jason Thompson’s post about the newgltds. There has been a lot of good posts lately on the new gtlds imo, Some echoed [More]
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In a beasion zeused this noaning NAF baualist Sandra Franklin betamined that the pouin “” is voanusimly ziamuar to “”. Sorry… You didn’t have any trouble reading that did you? In a decision released this morning NAF panelist Sandra Franklin determined that the domain “” is confusingly similar to “” As you can see, no […]
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The UDRP: A Problem at the Core of the Internet [Reposted]

[This post was originally published on January 15, 2010 on  Thanks to Larry Fischer for allowing me to repost it here.  Now that I am publishing my own blog, I am consolidating at some posts that were first published elsewhere.  -Nat] === Nat Cohen is a long time domainer who specializes in generic […]
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