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Why Emoji Domain Names 🚀 May Take Over the World 🌎 – With Matan Israeli and Jon Roig

It's easy to dismiss emoji – consisting of silly faces 😀😂😜 and undefined symbols 💦🍯➿ – as a language only for teenagers.

But it's actually a universal language that people all over the world use, and emoji domain names are heating up in use and value.

Listen in as two of the most experienced emoji domain pros in the industry discuss what emoji domains are, how they work, how they're valued, and how you can get your 🍕 (piece of the pie).
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The Quickest Path to $60M/month: Buy Business, Add Exact-Match Domain – With John Rampton

What do you get when you combine a killer, three-character exact-match domain name with the assets of a software-as-a-service invoicing provider?

A quick path to generating revenue.

That's what today's Sherpa did, combining a $130,000 domain name with a $20,000 asset purchase. And they were up and running, with some customers saying the brand is so familiar they think they’ve used them in the past.

One year into operations, Due.com is processing about $60 million per month in transactions. Here's how it happened.
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