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More stud power from the Domain King!

Rick Schwartz has chosen Stud.com to be the name of his upcoming domain brokerage powerhouse. Featuring a stallion or stud horse rising on its back feet, the temporary logo carries “we breed domain names” as its motto. The Domain King is de...
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The Domain King and “i”

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy preparing the transition of his premium property domain, Property.com. Rick’s expecting a windfall of $36 million dollars at a minimum for Property.com, which totally makes sense. After all, outside o...
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Rick Schwartz to launch Domain Brokerage firm

Rick Schwartz tweeted out he will be launching a domain brokerage firm. There were not many details. He later tweeted about a new registration being used as the name GameChangingDomains.com. The post Rick Schwartz to launch Domain Brokerage firm appear...
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