Barry Diller Accidentally Came Up With A Domain-Name Business Model. Now, Google May Copy It.

The Frager Factor The Frager Factor: You can read my earlier reporting on Barry Diller and Domains HERE. 

Remember it was Rick Schwartz, early seller of domains to Barry Diller who confronted Google reps at T.R.A.F.F.I.C asking "why are you renting via parking when you can own?" Now they are coming full-circle and Google may have to acquire IAC to be a domain-based business player. Meanwhile they have dropped the ball to China

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Domain Shane’s List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve

Business is business.  Its a saying my Father always said and I always got why he said it.  It’s not personal its only business. But it is personal.  When you run a business your decisions go way beyond whether you make money or not.  As an owner your decisions effect their life, their income.  You get to pick salaries, you choose the bonuses, the incentives, the amount of hours they work.  Sure they can go and find a job elsewhere but as long as they work for you they have a lot riding on your decisions.  Its something I don’t take lightly.  When the business gets bigger you can throw a level of management in between but in a small business its not there.  This time of year is that time of year for me.  The time where we get bonuses and raises and I look each person in the eye and discuss how we think they’ve done and vice versa.  Having them tell us how we’ve done as a company is also a way to get better.  All this is why I laugh when people talk about building out their domains.  Most really have no idea what building a business is.  Putting up a website and writing content is not a business.  Its a product.  There is so much that goes in to a business and most people can only handle one at a time. Two, if you have good people helping with one of them.  Most people in domain investing don’t posses the skills to run a business.  Many have the money, the intelligence, just not the skills.  Hell, I’ve been doing it 80 hours a week for 20 years and I’m not sure some days how great I am at it.  The one thing I do know, everyone has the ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen.  (And Ike your idea was great, you don’t apply here)   Here are today’s names. Click for current prices. .  CHIP but not a bad German premium. Just kidding, not sure what a German premium is. 18 years old. .  Great name for a company that works on websites.  Deserves more bids IMO.  At $20 at press time .   17 years old.  If you’re going to buy buy names like this that have a good chance of being used but an enduser just in case. .   This one had great value even before the Chinese moved in.  $2K would be a great buy on this one IMO. .  Not as good as the above but still a very nice Western premium. .   The 4s not stopping the price.  Old price floor used to be $750.  I think its more like $1K now but I haven’t been paying attention.  I’ll start and let you know .   V at the beginning work in the English language.  Plenty of uses there.  Gets tougher the more it goes to the right.  The double C is very sexy though .   Fantastic name.  Already past $4K and worth it IMO. .  Not going to get a great price because of the I but I think an enduser will pay much more than you would get for CHIP on this one .  Yes, a has the most bids on the Godaddy board today.  And I actually really like it. .   Might as well buy both.  Just 55 off of each other and THAT is really lucky .   X is kind of a placeholder to me when its in the front.  Unless its with the S i.e. XS  = excess .   Remember that think I said about ideas.  There is always a need for someone to be paid to make it become reality .   Two pair.  Beats a lot of numeric hands .  I like the round, the Chinese don’t like the zero.  Unfortunately, they win .  Evidently if you just throw an 8 at the end it will make them happy.  Double the price of the above .  I have to admit the double numbers are much easier to remember.  I wish my phone number was this easy. Not that anyone knows it anymore .   Just pushed through the $2K mark.  Young men N boys.   Hoping that’s not the final end user .  A lot of twos for a few hundred dollars .  I like this one a lot better.  8s and all, . 2299222, 2255222 also up for auction .   This is the same price I bought 4228 ( think that was it) 5 years ago. .   The vowels are still a discount in my opinion.  I’m a seller of Vs and a buyer of vowels .  I like saying 5 hunded while saying hunded real fast.  Makes me sound young and cool .   Yeah, I know…4.   I like it anyway. Under $40 at press time .  Coming up in a few days.  I am trying to figure out what has more value. or, any guesses? . Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC) .   Everyone has it. Not everyone knows it.  Learn them a little.   Under $150 at press time .  Same seller as above.  They have some solid dot nets.  Big Pr (5) , Big CPC here but not a big bid .  Another dot net from the above.  As good of a as there has been this month .   It’s domain holdings so take that for what its worth.  Meaning it will take a nice bid to get it out of their hands. Good price now though .   Same here and I imagine a little more expensive .  Can’t imagine...

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