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Free And Independent Media Matters More Than Ever

I Want My Name I Want My Name: Here in New Zealand the mad dash for government is underway once again, with an election due in September. Recent events in the United States have underlined more than ever the importance of a capable and independent media free of political interference and bias, able to offer critical analysis during the campaigning. So in complicated times, how can we ensure that this ethic is upheld?
They say a week is a long time in politics and last week was no exception here. Our Green Party imploded dramatically as a result of a misjudgement from within the leadership, whilst their erstwhile partners from the middle left (NZ Labour) bounced back from a stinker of a poll. Previously on the ropes, the party elevated an effervescent newcomer into near sainthood by anointing her as party leader.
One could argue that none of this necessary change may have happened without the media raising some probing questions and prompting a burst of much needed public debate. Politicians may treat the media with the utmost disdain, but for us mere mortals, a free and independent media acts like the thin blue line between sanity and bedlam. But can we trust the traditional media to act in our best interests at a time when they themselves are struggling for survival?
With few exceptions, investigative media resources are dwindling globally as megalithic online platforms vacuum away huge amounts of advertising revenue, without adding anything to the political discourse. Traditional media are responding with volumes of dumbed down content aimed at the lowest common denominator. With this race to oblivion continuing unabated, it is refreshing to see some new initiatives aimed at lifting journalistic standards.
Local projects such as Scoop, Newsroom, Press Patron and The SpinOff give voice to independent views that are much sought after by those of us who crave thoughtful analysis. National Radio also continues to be a shining beacon with its multimedia coverage of New Zealand, Pacific and global affairs. Citizen publishers also have a role to play.
At iwantmyname we are huge fans of the “indie web” and have been working on a few initiatives of our own to help promote free and independent journalism. That’s why we are financially supporting policy.nz which takes a fresh approach to exposing party positions on a raft of issues during the election campaign. Dive in and explore, get informed and co-create content on the site.

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Top Topics: The Future of Four-Letter .COM’s; It’s Hard to Buy a Good Domain!…

NamePros NamePros: In this week's Top Topics, domain name investors give their opinion on Rick Schwartz's latest cryptocurrency related domain name purchases, and we find some excellent recommendations for tools and services relating to outbound domain sales. Elsewhere, domainers speculate on the future of four-letter .COM's after Chinese Premium (CHIP) domains fell below $1,000 recently.

The Future of Four-Letter .COM's


The post Top Topics: The Future of Four-Letter .COM’s; It’s Hard to Buy a Good Domain!… appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.

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