Learning from Chinese domain market data

Yesterday I collected and then presented data from CNNIC surveys on Chinese domain names. Now I’d like to look at the data and see if we can find some trends. While data on .cn is available since 1996, I have not found the same for other extensions until 2005. That’s why the .cn chart is […]
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AutoNews.com: Amazon May Roll Out Its Car Portal Using a New gTLD

TheDomains TheDomains: According to AutoNews.com, Amazon launched  Amazon Vehicles, a “car research portal where consumers can view and reviews of thousands of new and classic cars, while being able to upload photos and videos of their own rides.” AutoNews.com went on to suggest that Amazon might migrate the service to a new gTLD or at least use […]
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Thermal Conductivity

Domain Flipper: Five-, six-and even design because of the increased drag coefficient of thermal conductivity is optimized for cold regions. So if you do not live in the Far North, then your windows will be enough, and three-chamber profile. Myth 6. pv...
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WCMP.com Great letters getting a good price

JustWalkAway.com Great advice 98% of the time. Unless its an awesome contract


RSRX.net Already over $100. X is popular at the end of brands


Antibacterial.co Pretty much everything is about antibacterial right now. I liked it when your body had to learn t fight off the bad stuff

Translating.co Sure there is Google translator but there are companies that specialize in translation of international documents and reports

Californium.co You probably didn’t know it but this is a chemical element (CF) Named because it was made in a lab at Berkeley

VeryCoolShit.com Almost makes me want to visit the site just to see what deserves this name

SweetContactForm.com Just short of one million backlinks


Zakam.com All pronounceable 5L.com worth $25 IMO


MyFSBO.com Getting the bids because its MY For Sale By Owner


LiveAndLetDie.com Old James Bond movie and a Wings song. 2 bidders


PublicApology.com Sometimes its needed. See Ryan Lochte


EssayFast.com Big market selling essays online.

GrabMyCar.com Not exactly sure why it has so many bids. But I’m putting it here because it does

MathMajor.com Math majors are the kind that would have it as their email address


TheFlaws.com Something your wife will point out for you every once in a while

SexDubai.com Pretty much anything Dubai gets bids. Add sex and it goes higher

ITU.cc CCC.cc in still investment quality IMO


Basortu.com This headscarf is getting the most bids on the board


And a bunch of great Dot Cos today





8808.co I thought this one would do better


















Can’t Have a List Without a Few LLLL.coms and Numerics





535838.com Much better than the above




884368.com A big batch of these 88 6N.coms with 4s and zeros dropping today. All getting bids.


Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration


BeautifulWorld.com  Officially a website but love the name

Ended unsold at $3,600

MegaDeals.com   Getting good bids.  But in house name so its a tough reserve to meet

Ended unsold at $4,999

MyFraternity.com   16 years old.  Only at $33.  I would have more fun browsing MySorority.com

Ended unsold at $33

Yogafy.com   I guarantee it would get more bidders if it was at Godaddy.

Ended unsold at $30

XMAS.cc  Still no takers at $1 for this one

Ended unsold and relisted here


Top 10 sales yesterday at Namejet as listed on Nambio

murt.com $2,900
workforceexplorer.com $2,156
79182.com $1,900
13651.com $1,860
75236.com $1,860
13736.com $1,860
lovemall.com $1,668
conventionalloan.com $1,501
mulf.com $1,250
bombilla.com $1,000


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