July .ai auctions led by Writer.ai

This month’s .Ai auctions closed on Whois.ai and Writer.ai was the top close at $7,249. Last week expert.ai set the record for reported .ai sale. The domain name sold for $106,725. writer.ai  $7,249 traffic.ai  $3,140 defense.ai $2,691 dl.ai $2,618 intelligent.ai $2,233 gradient.ai $2,061 meeting.ai $2,031 chris.ai $2,022 react.ai $1,722 vantage.ai $1,676 geek.ai $1,667 anna.ai $1,605 […]

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The In’s And Out’s Of Domain Leasing

DomainingTips.com: Today: How to become a domain brand protection broker / GeneralCounsel.com sold for $13,751 / Looking to buy a single .com domain for up to $5K / and More… Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain communit...
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