Share your weather domains Today: What tools to do this? – Check if a word is used in multiple languages / Selling strategy / sold for $7,87 / and more… Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today...
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There’s a new domain appraisal tool in town. There are a lot of complaints about automated domain appraisal systems. It’s difficult to value domain names even when multiple humans weigh-in, and it’s even harder when you only rely on a machine. But domain brokerage is giving it a shot anyway. It launched an appraisal […]

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NIS2: A New Cyber Jurisdiction Paradigm

CircleID: The approval on 13 May by the European Council and Parliament of a near-final draft Directive on European Cybersecurity (NIS2) brings the world's most far-reaching cyber regime closer to realization. What is generally unknown, however, is th...
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Government Agency Drops Domain Name

Domain Investing: is one of the most popular upcoming pending delete domain name auctions at NameJet. The domain name expired on March 3, 2022 and is now in pending delete status. There are currently 24 bids on this domain name, and there are...
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A Disturbing View of Future Cable Broadband

CircleID: There was a recent article in FierceTelecom that quotes a leading cable company consultant as saying that cable companies are not likely to universally upgrade broadband networks in the future. The consultant is Sean McDevitt, a partner at A...
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Are we on the same page?

Part of the domain investing game is waiting for inbound inquiries. Also known as “the waiting game,” this is the part that often challenges a domainer’s patience. Having sold domains I held for almost two decades, waiting on offers c...
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