DomainSherpa – Down The Rabbit Hole – April 25, 2024: Up and Atom

As we say on DomainSherpa – all roads lead to domains. And our work with domains has us venturing “down the rabbit hole” into different topics all the time. So this is a tech-adjacent, digital asset, pop-culture, tangent-positive monthly podcast – with some domains stuff thrown into the mix for good measure.

In this episode, JT is joined by Drew to discuss the Escrow 2024 Q1 Quarterly Report and cover a few related topics including some recent trends with .ai domains.

The Sherpas also explore the rebranding of Squadhelp to Atom.com, and also talk about the strategic domain upgrade for Pepe Coin from Pepe.vip to Pepe.com.

So, tune in and jump down the rabbit hole with the Rabbit Hole Gang!

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