Daily Domain Picks 11-16-18

Daily Domain Picks 11-16-18 Kush.com was the big news on Thursday selling for $500,000. QY.org closed at $10,000 on NameJet. Top sales/closes from yesterday: kush.com 500,000 USD 2018-11-15 Sedo qy.org 10,000 USD 2018-11-15 NameJet jeny.com 8,500 USD 2018-11-15 NameJet nebi.com 6,700 USD 2018-11-15 NameJet virtualtruth.com 5,100 USD 2018-11-15 GoDaddy calltrack.com 5,051 USD 2018-11-15 DropCatch *data […]

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8833.com looks to be stolen

TrueDN posted on Namepros that 8833.com was listed at Sedo for $9,000. The member spoke to the previous owner and they said it was stolen from their account at GoDaddy. The name is no longer showing for sale, and since this happened after regular busin...
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Buying traffic/revenue parking domains – Total budget: $40,000.00

Today:  GAPO.com sold for $4,000 / Investing in”Agency” “Design” “Digital” “Studio” “Brandable” Names – Budget: Up to $500.00 / Wanted: WP Related Domains – Budget: Up to $100.00 / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Investing in .cm domains – Are you investing in .cm ccTLD’s? […]

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Evaluating a Potential Domain Name Acquisition

NameTalent: The other day on a thread at NamePros I shared my personal list of things I consider when evaluating a domain name acquisition.  I have refined the list with additional commentary for  this post. Can I list multiple categories of...
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