Finch.io Sold for $25,000

Today: Looking for Domains With Extensions .com, io and .xyz – Budget $550 / Appraisal of Arena24.com / GlutenFreeGirl.com Sold for $14,705 / and more…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for Domains With Extensions .com, io and .xyz – Budget $550 – Check out your portfolios to see if you have what they are looking for? They want it to be ‘block’ and brandable or two words. Don’t worry they are looking for multiple.

Appraisal of Arena24.com – How would you value this domain name? Normally you see digits driving down the value but this makes more sense.

GlutenFreeGirl.com Sold for $14,705 – Not the biggest sale I have seen for a tree word dot com domain but not the lowest. Five figures isn’t bad though.

Ojax.com Evaluation – How would you price this domain name? This domainer is looking to see how much it is worth. I would put it at maybe $xxx.

.COM domains Wanted – Budget $1,000 – They are looking for one word dictionary names preferably 8 characters or less. It could be some nice spending money.

Finch.io Sold for $25,000 – This short one word domain sold well at a quarter of $100,000. Do you think it could have done better, or did the seller get their moneys worth due to the dot io?

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