19 end user domain name sales up to $700,000

A bonanza of end user sales at Sedo.

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Sedo had an excellent week for end user sales, led by you.ai for $700,000. Some other nice sales are most likely end users but for which the buyer isn’t yet known, such as OneLineage.com for $80,000.

Here are the end user sales I found on Sedo’s weekly sales list. You can view previous lists like these here.

You.ai $700,000 – Dharmesh Shah, who co-founded Hubspot and bought and sold chat.com this year for over $10 million, acquired this domain.

Novita.com $32,500 – Novita Oy is a Finnish yarn seller. It uses the domain NovitaKnits.com.

BeeCrowd.com $18,000 – BeeCrowd is a network of coders. It forwards this domain name to BeeCrowd.io.

Hodl.ai $9,500 – The buyer is unknown but has uploaded a HODL logo.

SRC.world $6,700 – Big City Beats GmbH bought this domain for a conference it’s holding in Frankfurt in September 2024. SRC is short for “Smart Rebel Convergence”.

AnadiBank.de €5,995 – Anadi Bank is in Austria. It forwards this domain name to the matching .com.

Guides.ai $5,000 – The buyer is setting up a site with guides to artificial intelligence.

Land-Dweller.com $4,999 – Rolex bought this domain. It has a watch called the Sea Dweller. This could be for a new watch or a marketing campaign.

Vapoteur .fr €3,799 – Vapoteur sells vaping products.

FXColors.com $3,000 – FX Colors is a brand of colored contact lenses offered by Softlens Optical.

Quartzline.com €2,999 – Quartzline makes building products. It forwards this domain to the matching .nl domain.

GrowSoft .de €2,999 – GrowSoft offers cloud-based software for cannabis clubs.

VisitReutlingen.com €2,800 – This domain forwards to an Instagram page promoting tourism to Reutlingen in Germany.

Wellman.eu €2,499 – Wellmann Engineering forwards this domain to Wellman-Engineering.eu.

TheBabyCompany.co.uk £2,000 – The Baby Company sells luxury babywear and gifts.

EMC.se €2,000 – EMC sells machinery including ATVs, lawnmowers, etc.

Bisous.ch €2,000 – This domain forwards to a page on chocolate company Spruengli’s website promoting the Bisous chocolate.

FussballPlaner.de €2,000 – Fussball Planer offers promotional items for the 2024 European Football Championship.

CabMap.com $2,000 – CabMap is an app for taxi tracking and ordering.

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