Ljubljana.com Sold for $28,000

Today: UpDag.com Appraised for $1,510 / Evalution Neonft.net / Looking for Single English Word .io – Budget $500 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Evalution Neonft.net – I could see this domain going for three figures. How would you value it in today’s market?

Looking for Single English Word .io – Budget $500 – Have you got what they need? Check your domain name portfolio for a quick buck.

YABU.com Sold for $20,250 – This cvcv dot com sold didn’t sell so well. especially for it being semi pronounceable.

1-Word .COM .NET .ORG Wanted – Budget $75,000 – They want a premium domain name at resellers price. Do you have what they want?

UpDag.com Appraised for $1,510 – Seems like a typo of up dog. I do not see this domain selling above $1,200.

Ljubljana.com Sold for $28,000 – Such a long domain name but such a good sale. At nine letters and a dot com it sold well at five figures.

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