Wright elected to Nominet board

Nominet members have selected Steve Wright to a non-executive directorship on the company’s board.

The .uk registry said today that his three-year term started at the company’s AGM yesterday.

Wright came very close to winning in the first round of voting, securing 723,027 votes. That was just shy of the threshold of 743,038 required to win. He picked up 79,264 in the second round to end up with a total of 802,291.

David Thornton was knocked out in the first round and Thomas Rickert was defeated in the second. Turnout was 13% of members.

Nominet members each have as many votes as they have .uk domains under management, capped to avoid capture by the largest registrars.

The election was somewhat controversial. Five candidates were initially nominated, but incumbent Phil Buckingham pulled out for mysterious reasons and regular Nominet antagonist Jim Davies was disqualified for missing a deadline on the screening process, which he denied doing.

Wright and Rickert debated during the London Domain Summit in August, and the consensus in the bar afterward was that you couldn’t really slide a cigarette paper between their platforms, which revolved around similar themes of transparency and communication.

Wright is COO of hosting company Redcentric.

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