Looking dot com Domains – Total Budget $165,000

Today: Evaluation for PositiveViewer.com / EWI.info Sold for $6,400 / Evaluation of SweetDomicile.com / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Evaluation for PositiveViewer.com – Are you a positive viewer? I can’t see this domain being worth more than the registration fee, but who knows.

CVCV Domains 4L .com Wanted – Budget $30,000 – They do not want it to have a Q and prefer investor friendly prices. They are looking for multiple for so see if you have what they are looking for.

EWI.info Sold for $6,400 – At first I was surprised to see a 3L going for so low, then I noticed the dot info. Not very high one the desirable extension list but not a bad sale.

Evaluation of SweetDomicile.com – How much would you value this two word domain for in today’s market? Think it could sell for at least four figures?

Looking dot com Domains – Total Budget $165,000 – They want specific types though, each with their own budget. 4L has a budget of $2,500, 3L at $25,000 and last but not least cvcv at $6,000.

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