Begonia.com Sold for $9,200

Today: .com Wanted – Total Budget $200,000 / Appraisal of Presedent.com /
Looking for old domains – Budget $300 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

.com Wanted – Total Budget $200,000 – They want three letter, four letter, and cvcv. They want multiple so check your domain name portfolios and see if you’ve got what they need.

Appraisal of Presedent.com – A typo domain, never worth much. Maybe if it has high traffic it could be worth more than its registration fee.

GBOX.com Sold for $11,150 – A good sale for a four letter word with an ‘x’. Do you think it could have sold for more? 

Looking for old domains – Budget $300 – They are looking for domains in the fishing niche, with good backlinks profile and 20 or more DR. Do you have what they are looking for?

XFOD.COM Evaluation – I is a nice four letter domain name but most buyers aren’t looking for x’s. Maybe $xxx, tops.

Begonia.com Sold for $9,200 – Seven letters isn’t too long right? Either way four figures is fairly low compared to other sales we’ve seen here.

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