Closure.com Sold for $45,000

Today: WTB Dot Com Wanted – Budget $5,000 / ChickenClubs.com Evaluation / Rails.xyz Sold for $50,000 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

WTB Dot Com Wanted – Budget $5,000 – They want it to be just three letters. Check your name portfolios to see if you have what they want.

ChickenClubs.com Evaluation – How would you value this two dictionary word domain name. I don’t see this being very brandable, or high traffic. Maybe $XX, but what do you think?

Rails.xyz Sold for $50,000 – This one word domain name sold well for five figures. if it wasn’t for dot xyz do you think it would have sold for more?

Looking for 4L .com – Budget $2,000 – No hyphens or numbers wanted here though so keep that in mind. I feel like short domains hold value very well.

Appraisal of Foreclosed.xyz – A nice one word domain name, and who knows maybe someone will be interest in the dot xyz. I would put it at $XXX.

Closure.com Sold for $45,000 – I believe everybody is looking for a bit of closure lately, so you’d think this domain would have sold for more. Though at seven letters I wouldn’t consider it short, but it is brandable and a dot com as well.

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