Looking for one word .ai – Budget of $10k

Today: PafiJepara.org Sold for $14,650 / Ai.ro Appraisal / “Lab” or Labs” Domains Wanted – Budget $100 per domain / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

PafiJepara.org Sold for $14,650 – This ten letter word sold nicely at six figures. Or for a dot org as well.

Ai.ro Appraisal – What is dot ro most popularly used for? Such a short domain could be useful.

“Lab” or “Labs” Domains Wanted – Budget $100 per domain – They only want dot coms so keep that in mind. They’ll accept one word, meaningful letters either way with labs or lab. Also with no recent handregs, but at least one year old registration.

Dawin.com Sold for $8,745 – This short, five letter domain did not sell well at four figures. Especially since it is pronounceable.

Evaluation of WashingtonClothing.com – I can see this being a brandable domain name for a clothing line.

Looking for one word .ai – Budget of $10k – They are looking for a super premium domain name at investor pricing.

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