RoboAI.com Evaluation

Today: Looking for Dot Com – Budget $500 per domain / Moviebazar.net for Sale / Appraisal of Gift-Card.co / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for Dot Com – Budget $500 per domain – Do you have what they are looking for? Could be some good Christmas shopping money.

Moviebazar.net for Sale – This high traffic domain is up for sale. With 7,600 total traffic, DR of 34 and DA of 7. This could be great for your portfolio.

Appraisal of Gift-Card.co – Not even the registration fee in my opinion. It’s hyphened, and dot co, it’s odds are not looking good.

.com Domains Wanted – Budget $1,000 – They want it to have high traffic and revenue. Check your domain portfolios and see if you have what they want.

Jingus.com Sold for $6,250 – This six letter domain sold for the high end of four figures. What do you think it could be used as?

RoboAI.com Evaluation This one word + ai dot com got the evaluation of $350,000. Do you think it could actually sell for this high though?

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