0N.com Sold for $14,657

Today: Appraisal of Fintech.lawyer / Looking for dot com – Budget $100 /
CoupleCafe.Com Evaluation / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of Fintech.lawyer – These seem like two abbreviated words with dot lawyer is only worth the registration fee. Personally I wouldn’t even pay the registration fee.

Looking for dot com – Budget $100 – They are looking for two word domains that have to do with streets and/or contain the word street. Preferably streets of major cities. Now check your domain portfolios to see if you have what they are looking.

BooyaFitness.com Sold for $17,130 – This two word dot com sold well and talk about brandable. It sold for five figures.

CoupleCafe.Com Evaluation – This is a cute domain name, I could see if having value for the right end user but among domainers eh. I give it $xxx

0N.com Sold for $14,657 – Very short domain name, and a dot com. I’m surprised it didn’t sell for more but oh well. Two letters for five figures is not bad at all.

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