CharlieHadenMusic.com Sold for $9,995

Today: Rescinder.com Appraisal / Looking for Dot Com Domain – Budget $10,000 / 7311.com Sold for $18,500 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Rescinder.com Appraisal – This seems like a typo domain, what do you think? I would say it’s worth the registration fee.

Looking for Dot Com Domain – Budget $10,000 – They are looking for a single, dictionary word dot com, not something you’d have to double check to make sure it is a real word. It should also be brandable for a business.

7311.com Sold for $18,500 – This four digit dot com sold well at five figures. Digit domains are a little harder to guess how much they’ll go for.

Evaluation of AddictingAI.com – You see domains with keyword plus ai have been selling well but the length should be taken into consideration. This could drag the value down.

Two kinds of domains Wanted – Budget $3,000 – They are want a four letter domain for $3,000 and two word dot com for $1,500. Preferably pronounceable and a GoDaddy appraisal of $5,500.

CharlieHadenMusic.com Sold for $9,995 – Who is Charlie Haden you may ask. Well he was an American jazz musician and composer.

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