Pafikabbanjar.org for $49,500

Today: Dot Come Wanted – Budget $35,000 / HomereFinanc.ing Evaluation /
Looking for Dot Coms – Budget $200 per Domain / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Dot Come Wanted – Budget $35,000 – They want a three letter dot com and best make sure you offer up a good one because it’s looking like a pay out.

HomereFinanc.ing Evaluation – While I appreciate the play it is a worthless domain. It’s only value may be the registration fee.

Engage.ai Sold for $86,889 – This six letter dot ai got a good amount at the upper end of five figures. Do you think it could have gotten more?

Looking for Dot Coms – Budget $200 per Domain – Check your domain portfolio and see if you have what they are looking for. A four letter dot com, preferably pronounceable.

Appraisal of Minibikes.net – This domain was likely worth a good amount in the early 2000’s but has since lost some value. Not to mention it is plural and a dot net.

Pafikabbanjar.org for $49,500 – So this domain name means peaceful. brings more clarity as to why it sold so well as a dot org and being so long.

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