Fast-growing Gname buys another 150 registrars

Gname, the fast-growing Singaporean registrar, has added 150 ICANN registrar accreditations to its drop-catching army.

The companies are named Gname 151 through Gname 300. The companies Gname 2 through Gname 150 were accredited in June 2021.

Gname’s primary accreditation has grown massively since it became a drop-catcher in the last two years, going from under 10,000 names under management at the start of 2021 to 3.9 million at the end of August this year. About 3.2 million of its names were in .com.

Its first 150 secondary accreditations had almost a million names between them.

In August, it was the fastest-growing registrar of gTLD names, growing by over 156,000 domains and becoming the 12th-largest registrar accreditation overall.

Drop-catchers use large numbers of accreditations because registries rate-limit their connections. More accreditations means more connections and a better chance to register a valuable domain when it drops.

The primary accreditation was originally Chinese, in the name of Beijing Huaqi Weiye Technology Co and doing business at, before it moved to a Singaporean company called

ICANN’s current budget predicts an increase of five accrediations in fiscal 2024, which ends next June. Its high estimate was an increase of 60. So it’s now getting about half a million bucks more than it was expecting.

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