ASNE.org Sold for $31,500

Today: ImperiousAi.com Appraisal / Looking for .Com, .Org and .Io – Budget $5,000 / Vision.ai Sold for $100,000 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

ImperiousAi.com Appraisal – This is an interesting combination for a domain name. Domains with ai in the name or as an extension can be very hit or miss, both with investors and end users.

Looking for .Com, .Org and .Io – Budget $5,000 – They would like the name to be simple and have a GoDaddy appraisal above four thousand. They are looking for multiple domain names so check your portfolios.

Vision.ai Sold for $100,000 -A dot ai that sold well in comparison to others. Six figures for one word is a good deal.

Evaluation of BestLogoMaker.com – This three word domain could be of some value to a business. I would say three figures.

ASNE.org Sold for $31,500 – This is a good deal for a four letter dot org. Five figures is a nice amount of spending money.

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