CreativeDept.com Sold for $9,888

Today: Appraisal of TeePox.COM / CloudDough.com Up for Sale /
Unique.ID Evaluation / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of TeePox.COM – What do you think of this two word dot com? In my opinion it doesn’t hold much value.

CloudDough.com Up for Sale – Check out this brandable name for sale today. This could really help your domain portfolio.

ReyesSyndrome.org Sold for $17,550 – This two word domain name sold well even for a dot org at five figures. Do you think the seller could’ve held out for more?

Unique.ID Evaluation – A solid one word domain name only downside is it’s a dot id. How would you value this in today’s market?

CreativeDept.com Sold for $9,888 – A nice chunk of change for this two word domain name. Though I feel it would have done better if not for the ‘dept’.

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