Identity Digital gets patent for “Assisted setup of domain name registry”

Patent describes method for setting up a domain name registry.

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 11,870,750 (pdf) to Identity Digital for Assisted setup of domain name registry.

The patent describes a process for setting up a domain name registry. The abstract summarizes the invention as:

A gateway server and methods operating as a web service providing a self-serve methodology for establishing a domain name registry over a communications network, comprising: receiving a request from the computing device to establish the domain name registry of a specified type; determining the specified type requires ICANN approval and receiving access credentials of the RO; confirming completion of a Registry Agreement between ICANN and the RO [registry operator]; collecting registry technical information for the domain name registry from the computing device; using the access credentials to access via the communications network the RO account on the server during a registry testing phase of the self-serve methodology to complete registry services testing for the domain name registry with ICANN; and updating a workflow interface with a completion status of the registry testing phase for subsequent access by the computing device of the RO over the communications network.

Three inventors are listed: Kroopa Shah, Senior Director, Registry Support and Management; James Galvin, Director, Technical Policy and Standards; and Jimmy Lam, Director, Product Strategy. (Titles from LinkedIn profiles.)

Identity Digital filed the patent application on April 21, 2023, and it was granted today.

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