How Much? What could be your reply

You might have read our recent post Email Sales Templates That Worked For Us often we will get a client come back with a simple one line reply saying “How Much?”

The below are our steps in the process on how we typically respond to email replies or even inquires that just come to us with this type of wording, it’s important to respond in a way that engages the potential client while providing them with the information they need. Here’s a suggested approach:

Step One – Express Appreciation:
Begin your response by expressing appreciation for their inquiry. This sets a positive tone for the conversation.

Thank you for reaching out! I appreciate your interest in [your product/service/domain name].

Step Two – Request for Additional Information:
To provide an accurate quote, it’s crucial to understand the client’s specific needs. Ask for more details about their requirements, especially if you have contacted multiple companies the more you know about them the better your chances of building a rapport with the buyer.

To provide you with a more tailored quote, could you please share some additional details about your [specific needs]?

Step Three – Highlight Value Proposition:
Briefly highlight the key benefits or unique selling points of your product, service, or domain name. (Double down on your original email)

Our [product/service/domain name] offers [mention key features or benefits]. We believe it can bring significant value to your [business/project/website].

Step Four – Provide a Price Range:
Instead of giving a fixed price immediately, consider providing a general price range. This gives flexibility and allows room for negotiation.

While the final price depends on your specific requirements, our pricing typically ranges from [lower limit] to [upper limit].

Step Five – Offer a Call or Meeting:
Suggest a call or meeting to discuss their needs in more detail. This allows for a more personalized conversation and helps build a relationship, don’t be afraid to get on the phone or have a virtual meeting with a client, it will build more trust!

I would be happy to schedule a call or meeting to better understand your needs and provide a more accurate quote. When would be a convenient time for you?

Step Six – Include Next Steps:
End your response by providing clear next steps. This might involve scheduling a call, sending additional information, or offering to answer any further questions.

Feel free to reply with a time that suits you for a call, or let me know if there’s any specific information you’d like me to provide. I’m here to assist you!

Remember to customize the response based on your prospects business and the nature of the inquiry. It’s crucial to maintain a professional and customer-focused tone throughout the conversation.

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