8 Free To Use Tools – We use Daily for Domain Name Investing

Domain name investors navigate a substantial volume of data and information daily, aiming to pinpoint pricing trends, identify potential investments, and uncover lucrative opportunities. Like many of you, I leverage various free services daily to streamline my search. Here’s a rundown of the tools I currently use and why they’re crucial:

LinkedIn In the realm of outbound domain sales, building contacts is pivotal. LinkedIn, with its vast network of over 430 million users globally (128 million in the USA alone), is my go-to platform. It’s a treasure trove for targeted end-users within companies. The free version suffices for most domainers, providing essential industry contacts and efficient outbound domain sales through its robust search functions.

Gmail My email hub resides in Gmail, a choice shared by over 900 million people worldwide. Beyond being a top-notch free email solution, Gmail supports plugins. I employ two key plugins, Sidekick and Streak, enhancing my inbox with email tracking and a Customer Research Management platform. Both plugins offer free versions, elevating my domain sales skills.

ExpiredDomains.net A seemingly unbelievable free service, ExpiredDomains.net compiles a comprehensive list of pre-release, pending delete domains, and auctions from major platforms like GoDaddy and NameJet. With tailored filters, this tool empowers quick searches, helping discover domains within any budget for holding or resale.

NameBio For an extensive database of domain name sales, NameBio.com stands out. I regularly check prices of closed auctions and delve into specific categories, While alternatives like DNPric.es exist, I prefer NameBio’s reliability and comprehensive data.

Instant Messaging (Teams, WhatsApp & WeChat) Staying connected globally is vital, and Teams, WhatsApp and WeChat serve as my preferred instant messengers. From communicating with brokers and investors to accessing international domaining groups, these free services, equipped with translation tools, facilitate seamless conversations.

X aka Twitter has evolved into a primary source for domain-related news. Influencers like Jamie Zoch and George Kirikos consistently share valuable insights, making it a must-follow platform. Major domain blogs and companies, including NamePros, maintain an active presence on Twitter.

NamePros Unsurprisingly, NamePros remains a staple among my domain-related services. As the largest domain community, it offers diverse content, interactive discussions with fellow investors, and a commission-free marketplace for buying and selling domains.

Domaining.com While Twitter is a personal favorite for news, Domaining.com remains an unmatched news aggregator in the domain industry. Its free-to-view collection of blog and news feeds provides a valuable resource for staying informed.

Which indispensable services shape your daily routine? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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