Decanters.com Sold for $14,050

Today: Four Letter Domain Wanted – Budget $1,000/Per Domain / FrontierDiscovery.com Appraisal / Elixir.xyz Sold for $50,000 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Four Letter Domain Wanted – Budget $1,000/Per Domain They specifically want a dot com. Vccv preferably but any four letters will do.

FrontierDiscovery.com Appraisal – How would you value this two word dot com in today’s market? I understand it is long but I can see this domain sell very well, it’s brandable and good search volume.

Elixir.xyz Sold for $50,000 – Talk about a hot deal. Look at this six letter, one word dot xyz getting to the higher end of five figures.

Looking for .Com, .Org and .Io – Budget $5,000 – They would like the name to be simple and have a GoDaddy appraisal above four thousand. They are looking for multiple domain names so check your portfolios.

Evaluation of Loan.ac – The dot ac extension is commonly used for academic purposes. I would say scrap it. Not very valuable and will be hard to sell.

Decanters.com Sold for $14,050 – A nice one word dot com sold pretty well recently. I’m surprised they didn’t get more.

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