Theflstandard.com Sold for $18,610

Today: Appraisal of Candlepattern.com / Looking for Dot Com – Budget $150 / Swradioafrica.com Sold for $17,450 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of Candlepattern.com – A good two word domain name and a dot com. It is easy to read in all lower case, I would say it has some value.

Looking for Dot Com – Budget $150 – They are looking for a four letter dot com. cvcv, vccv, cvvc, or vcvc, at least fifteen tld and no q, j, v, w, x, y, or z. Pretty standard request.

Swradioafrica.com Sold for $17,450 – An interesting domain name. A good sale for the length and fairly brandable.

HotelGrp.com Evaluation – How would you value this domain in today’s market? It is simple, not too long or odd, likely a good search volume.

LL Wanted – Budget $5,000 – Nice and simple, they just want a two letter dot com with not specifications. Check your domain portfolio and see if you have what they want.

Theflstandard.com Sold for $18,610 – A solid domain sale recently for five figures. But what does the FL stand for?

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