Sedo’s big sales week and end user domain sales

GM’s OnStar, a commercial refrigeration company and a digital printer bought domain names.

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Sedo is having a great start to the year.

On this week’s sales list, the company reported the sales of for $400,000, for $200,000, 13bet .com for $74,995, and for $50,000.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet know who bought any of these domains yet.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here. $11,000 – OnStar Insurance is GM’s auto insurance arm. €5,000 – This domain forwards to the website for FriendSeek, a site by SYNEXIT GmbH for finding friends with common interests.

Telefonzelle .com €3,500 – This site seems to be under construction but will ultimately pitch phone cards. €2,990 – Solid state battery company High Performance Battery forwards this domain name to its much longer domain name, $2,880 – Argus makes commercial refrigerators.

Uniiswap .org $2,449 – I’m a bit concerned about this one. It forwards to a page with a domain that looks like, but it’s actually an IDN. €2,400 – Energy and lighting company ETT forwards this domain to a page on its site promoting its McPower brand. €2,200 – A caterer in Germany is using this domain name. €2,000 – This domain forwards to, the website for Groupe Sprint, a digital printing business.


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