Domain King Keeps Buying Even In Hospital Bed!

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, Expands Portfolio with Recent Acquisitions

During a hospital stay this week, domain industry titan Rick Schwartz, also known as The Domain King, has not let up on his passion for acquiring valuable digital real estate. Through the popular domain auction platform, Schwartz has added two noteworthy domains to his already impressive portfolio.

  1. – $319
    • The acquisition of reflects Schwartz’s keen eye for short, brandable domain names. With just five characters, “Somox” carries a memorable and versatile quality, making it a potential asset for various businesses and ventures. The relatively modest price of $319 suggests strategic buying in the competitive domain marketplace.
  2. – $4400
    • Schwartz’s purchase of at $4400 demonstrates a commitment to securing domains with broad market appeal. The domain’s clear association with the sleep industry positions it as a valuable asset for businesses related to mattresses, sleep aids, or wellness. The higher price tag indicates the perceived value and potential utility of this domain within the expansive sleep and wellness market.

Rick Schwartz is renowned for his ability to identify and acquire domain names with significant investment potential. His recent additions further solidify his standing as a savvy investor in the digital domain space. As always, Schwartz’s strategic acquisitions continue to capture the attention of industry insiders and domain enthusiasts alike.

Fingers Crossed its nothing serious with Rick at hospital this week and he makes a full

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