Amazon Registers Four New Domains This Month

Amazon Inc who’s domain name portfolio exceeds over 10,000+ Domain Names, which you can view courtesy of our sponsor ( has registered another four domain names this week, check out our thoughts on these recent domain registrations and what they might be used for in the future by Amazon Inc.

Meetings & Events on the Horizon?

Amazon’s domain name collection just grew by four, with one hinting at a potential foray into the meetings and events space. “Amazon Meetings and Events” suggests the tech giant may be eyeing a slice of the booming virtual and hybrid event market, a strategic move considering the shift towards remote work and collaboration.

Amazon Meetings and Events was recently registered:

Beyond Business: Amazon Inc Honoring Black History

The other three domains delve into Black history themes, aligning with February’s celebration in the US. “Black History for Real” suggests a commitment to authentic narratives and inclusivity, potentially through campaigns, educational initiatives, or merchandise. “Black History for Real Podcast” hints at leveraging the audio boom with a series dedicated to this rich history. “Black History Tellers” points towards a platform for diverse storytelling, collaborating with historians and content creators to share their voices.

A Broader Look at Black History Month

Beyond these domain filings, let’s delve into the significance of Black History Month:

Origins and Purpose:

  • Established in 1926 by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, “the Father of Black History,” to highlight the often-overlooked achievements of Black individuals.
  • Serves to educate the public, celebrate contributions, promote inclusivity, encourage reflection, and inspire future generations.
  • Each year features a chosen theme, guiding events and activities like educational programs, art exhibitions, performances, and community initiatives.
  • Schools, universities, and organizations actively participate to foster understanding and appreciation.

Black History Month is a crucial reminder of the importance of diverse narratives and a more inclusive society. By acknowledging the past and working towards a better future, we can all contribute to a more equitable world.

These are the recent registrations by Amazon Inc this month related to Black History.

  1. Black History for Real ( domain name suggests a commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Black history. Amazon may leverage this domain to launch campaigns, educational initiatives, and merchandise aimed at promoting authentic narratives and inclusivity. By doing so, Amazon not only contributes to cultural awareness but also strengthens its image as a socially responsible corporate entity.
  2. Black History for Real Podcast ( inclusion of “podcast” in this domain name hints at Amazon’s interest in the flourishing podcast industry. Amazon might be gearing up to launch a podcast series dedicated to exploring and celebrating Black history, allowing for a broader reach and impact. This move aligns with the trend of major companies entering the podcasting arena to capture the growing audience for audio content.
  3. Black History Tellers ( domain suggests a platform or initiative centered around storytelling within the context of Black history. Amazon may plan to collaborate with historians, authors, and content creators to curate and share diverse stories. This could take various forms, including written content, video series, and interactive experiences, contributing to a richer narrative around Black history.

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