Hemispheres.xyz Sold for $14,995

Today: Evaluation of Aiproelite.com / Dot Com Wanted – Budget $200 / 66B.com Sold for $18,090 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Evaluation of Aiproelite.com – The first problem I see with this domain name is reading difficulty, you actually have to read it out. Then the ai in the beginning instead of the end, it’s a popularity thing.

Dot Com Wanted – Budget $200 – Check your domain portfolio for any vcvc, cvcv, vccv or two to eight letter dictionary words. You could make a quick buck. Remember no numbers or dashes!

66B.com Sold for $18,090 – That’s a pretty nice play for a domain with two numbers and one letter. The dot com is the big bonus of it.

Looking for Brandable Dot Com – Budget $5,000 – This domainer is looking for a brandable, pronounceable four letter domain name. No hyphens or numbers please, they won’t respond.

VentureFinance.net Appraisal – I would say this is in the lower range of four figures. Of course if it were a dot com it would be better, but oh well. How would you value this domain in today’s market?

Hemispheres.xyz Sold for $14,995 – Five figures is typically as good as it gets for any xyz extensions.

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