Afternic releases a “new” keyword report

“New” jumps and there are a lot of surprising keywords on Afternic’s latest list.

Chart showing top selling Afternic keywords in December. Rankings with prior month in parentheses: my (1) new (14) ai (3) best (nr) pro (16) one (nr) home (5) get (nr) bet (4) all (18) digital (nr) blue (nr) auto (nr) smart (nr) free (nr) house (nr) Florida (nr) top (nr) sky (nr) real (nr)

GoDaddy’s Afternic has released its latest keyword report that shows what keywords were hot in the aftermarket in December.

The word “new” shot from #14 on the chart in November to #2 in January.

My landed at #1 again, and AI remains hot as well.

One thing that stands out this month is how many words landed in the top 20 that weren’t there in the prior month. Whereas December saw just six words that weren’t on the list in the prior month, 13 such words made the latest list. And they seem like they’re out of left field: Florida? Blue? Sky? That’s odd.

Here’s the full list with last month’s ranking in (parentheses):

  1. my (1)
  2. new (14)
  3. ai (3)
  4. best (nr)
  5. pro (16)
  6. one (nr)
  7. home (5)
  8. get (nr)
  9. bet (4)
  10. all (18)
  11. digital (nr)
  12. blue (nr)
  13. auto (nr)
  14. smart (nr)
  15. free (nr)
  16. house (nr)
  17. Florida (nr)
  18. top (nr)
  19. sky (nr)
  20. real (nr)

Here’s how domain buyers can search for domains starting with, ending with, or containing these keywords using

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